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‘Teach the Revolution’ is an online course organised around twelve thematically arranged weeks. It can be used by lecturers and students at the advanced undergraduate or graduate university levels, by researchers as an online anthology, and by general readers as a tool for self-guided learning. Each topic can be studied using primary sources and writings from the period, selected to provide diverse written and oral history coverage, and featuring memoirs, interviews, communiqués, resolutions, declarations, photographs, videos, songs, posters, and excerpts from revolutionary publications. The site also has a broad geographic scope, including material that covered the various areas of historic Palestine as well as Palestinian refugee communities in the Arab countries and beyond. It gives experiences from a wide range of movements, fronts, organisations, unions, tiers of leadership, and gender, social, and class locations. The themes are contextualised regionally and internationally within broader Arab and global dynamics, including the role of thousands of revolutionaries who joined the Palestinian struggle from across the world.


A different browsing and learning experience is offered by the second section of this website, ‘Learn the Revolution’. This is an online gallery that allows viewers to explore three subjects: revolutionary movements, revolutionary moments, and revolutionary culture. These subjects retrieve some core aspects of the Palestinian revolutionary life, presenting them through the voices of the cadres of the Palestinian revolution. Dozens of oral testimonies filmed in Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the United Kingdom were gathered specifically for this site. Wherever relevant these testimonies are supplemented by other visual and textual material. This allows users of this site to explore the themes in a semi-structured manner.








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