Leeds Palestine Bazaar - 1936

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Palestine Bazaar, Town Hall, Leeds, 1936 – Souvenir. Leeds, 1936. English.

A souvenir booklet from a fair organized by the Jewish community in Leeds on December 1-3, 1936; all proceeds were to go to JNF. The booklet includes lists of people in charge of the fair, greetings (by Menachem Ussishkin and Chaim Weizmann, among others), essay about the challenges involved in developing the country, translation of a poem by Tchernichovsky, list of booths in the fair, and more. On the front cover appears an illustration in color of a woman-worker, by Jacob Kramer (1892-1962), a Jewish artist born in Ukraine and active mainly in Leeds.

The copy presented here was bound in a hard binding together with the original cover (apparently soon after printing). The volume opens with about 50 signatures by hand, among them signatures by Zelig (Asher) Brodetzky (1888-1954), second president of the Hebrew University; Leopold Amery (1873-1955), a senior British politician and a co-author of the Balfour Declaration; signatures by the organizers of the Palestine Bazaar; and more. Alongside the signatures appears a printed dedication (English) indicating that the signed copy is a gift to David Fox, one of the organizers.