Let's Plant Our Forest In Yakinton!

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The first step he took was to add to its name - Mitteilungsblatt (bulletin, in German ) - an additional, Israeli name, Yakinton, which is a play on the word "Yekke" and the Hebrew word for newspaper ("iton" ). It is also the Hebrew name of the hyacinth, a Mediterranean flower, as befits a periodical that targets Israeli readers. The second step was equally significant: expanding the Hebrew-language section of the bilingual magazine, so that most of the content would be in Hebrew and only a third of it in German, "for the sake of the Yekkes in the old age homes who have still not weaned themselves" off the language, as Limor puts it.

The change is also manifest in the actual content, which now includes extensive coverage of Yekke heritage and the perpetuation of Yekke values in society. Yakinton, one of the oldest Israeli periodicals, has adapted itself to innovations of the times, sometimes to the distress of veteran members of the organization who preferred the old, modest and subdued version of the publication. "The previous editorial board was frugal," says Limor. "In order to reduce the amount of paper used, the words were crowded close together and there were no photos."

Source: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/you-re-a-yekke-how-cool-1.366934