Martyr Anton Shomali

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We will carry your memory 
With anger and love.


Anton Shomali was summarily murdered by two Israeli border policemen as he was returning alone to his home in the small Palestinian Christian town of Beit Sahour early in the evening of Saturday, May 2nd. There had been a minor demonstration in the town shortly after 6 p.m., and prudence dictated that any young Palestinian man in the streets would try to remain inconspicuous, since Israeli soldiers were patrolling the area.

As Anton left a steep path that ran down into a street leading to his house, he was stopped by two border policemen and shoved against the wall of a neighboring house with his hands raised. Two women eye-witnesses, one at her door a few yards away and another on a balcony across the street, saw one of the policemen thrust his automatic weapon into the young man's back and fire three rounds of rubber bullets into Anton's body. The Makassed Hospital report I received described extensive injuries causing massive internal bleeding, the blood eventually flooding the lungs. X-rays revealed square-shaped bullets in Anton's body, the rubber thinly coating their metal cores.






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