MUNI Counter Ad - AFDI


Statement from Chairman of the SFMTA Board of Directors and SFMTA Director of Transportation on Advertisement

Release date: August 14, 2012

*** Press Release ***

San Francisco — Today Tom Nolan, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Ed Reiskin, Director of Transportation for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which oversees all transportation in the city, including the Municipal Railway (Muni), issued the following statement regarding the advertisement posted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative on 10 Muni buses starting August 7.

“The city of Saint Francis has a long history of tolerance for all, and while we honor a person’s right to self-expression, there are times when we must say ‘enough.’ The recent ad has no value in facilitating constructive dialogue or advancing the cause of peace and justice. While this ad is protected under the First Amendment, our ad policy and our contractual obligations, we condemn the use of any language that belittles, demeans or disparages others. Going forward, we will review our policies with regards to ads on the Muni system."

The SFMTA will donate its proceeds from this advertisement to further the educational activities of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission.