My Rose of Palestine

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My Rose of Palestine lyrics:

Near the old stone gates of Jerusalem,

Where the pilgrims pass each day;

There's a quaint old-fashioned coffee-house

Where they rest on their weary way.

It was there amid the quiet and shade;

It was there I met a beautiful maid,

And they called this maid "The Rose of Palestine,"

My little Rose.


When the olive trees are blooming

Just beyond the city gates,

I am going back to meet her,

To my Rose, for I know that she still waits;

And when the other pilgrims worship their shrine

I'm going back to worship this Rose of mine;

In my heart I've built a garden,

For my Rose of Palestine.

There's a road that runs by Jerusalem,

Just a road of rocks and sand,

Yet no sweeter path to Paradise

Could be built by mortal hand.

It was there I used to stroll with my love;

It was there beneath the bright stars above

That she promised me She'd be forever mine;

My little Rose.

Composer: Abe Olman

Lyricist: Dave Radford