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Nakba Intifada Watermark

People might recognize the woman in the piece from a familiar Nakba photo. I chose to draw her and combine her with an image of women resisting an Israeli soldier during the Intifada. The background is an olive wood pattern. Jumana elaborates, "This piece is complicated for me, I think. The old Palestinian comes from an age of dispossession and loss, the Nakba. The photograph that replaces the woman's clothes comes from the era of the Intifada. On one hand, this plays on the actual meaning of the Arabic word "intifada" (i.e. "shaking off", whether this indicates something as large as an oppressive government/occupation or as little as one's clothes). On the other, the photograph is also something that is internal to the old Palestinian womxn, that the Nakba and the Intifadas (and all that comes between) are intertwined, are in each other."

Source: Artist's web site