New Fatah Logo Sparks Outrage

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

Arabic translation:

(text under numbers)

48th anniversary of the launching (of Fatah in 1965)

(gold text)

The State (the rifle barrel stands in for the Arabic definite article "the")

(black text)

And the triumph




'No interest in peace with Israel': New Fatah logo sparks outrage over Palestinian nationalism

A Fatah logo that seems to depict an Israel-free Palestine shows the Palestinian Authority is lukewarm about a two-state-solution, a Jewish group says

Public depictions of an Israel-free Palestine are nothing new in the region. The Palestinian Media Watch maintains a running tally of Palestinian illustrations that feature “a world without Israel.” Maps depicting Israeli territory as “Palestine” can be regularly spotted on Palestinian murals, textbooks and even the official Fatah flag, where the pre-1948 borders are depicted behind the image of crossed rifles.

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