Occupation of Palestinian Art

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The Occupation of Palestinian Art: Maps, Land, Destruction and Concealment


Violence in the Middle East has been the focal point in news media. My paper has shifted the focus to forms of non-violent resistance as it pertains to IsraelPalestine. Palestinians have used art as a means of resistance before Israel declared itself a state in 1948. By focusing on Palestinian artists, I am able to show the ways in which art can reveal and counter Israeli Zionists rhetoric. Artists tear down the fallacies of Zionist propaganda through non-violent means. Resistance art is expressed in different forms, from maps, architecture and sculpture to film and graffiti. By examining Palestinian artists' work throughout the history of the Israeli-Palestine conflict, I am able to find out more about Israel's settlement building, border technology, pro-Israel lobbies, the tactics of the Israel Defense Force, and the censorship of Palestinian art.


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