One Card Fell

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

Arabic translation:

One card fell

And the second one followed !!


Curator's note: This poster, which refers to the Camp David Accords (Accords) and the Fahd Plan, is read visually from bottom to top

At bottom is a joker playing card with a fractured image of Anwar Sadat who had recently been assassinated, and Menachem Begin rushing towards Sadat with grief on his face because the Accords were under attack and there was concern within the Israeli government that the Accords would be abandoned by Egypt in the wake of Sadat's death

The upper card refers to the Fahd Plan put forward by Saudi Arabia in an effort to sideline the Camp David Accords. This Plan was initially promoted by the Reagan administration but that support was quickly abandoned after Israel sent a high-powered delegation to Washington to urge its rejection

The point of the poster is to emphasis the absence of any Palestinian voice in the Accords, to reference Palestinian rejection to them and to lend credence to the idea that no Western political plan for resolving the Palestinian/Zionist conflict can succeed without full Palestinian participation