Open Warning!

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Hebrew translation: Open Warning!
We have received many complaints from Jews in the Diaspora. specially from the Mid West, concerning emissaries who are traveling around and are fed and accommodated by local Jews. This is a considerable burden. Some of the donors, who want to build a name for themselves, fall in with indecent men.
We warn our brethren in the Diaspora not to accept emissaries who are not authorized by us. This will benefit the donors and the thousands of poor people in the Holy Land.

Signed: Chief Rabbi Jacob Saul Eliachar, Shlomo Moshe Suzin, Chaim Aaron Valero, Shmuel Meyouchas, Yosef Nissim Burla, Itzhak Arieh, Mordechai Israel, Moshe Navon, Chaim Nissim Baruch