Operation Schönau

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Arabic translation:

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A group of Eagles of the Palestinian Revolution conduct a guerrilla operation to shut down a Zionist military camp in Austria

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Operation Schönau

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Starring: Ezzat Alalayli and Majida Al Khatib and Adeeb Qadura

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And the Arab guerrillas

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Director: Samir Saif


Curator's note: The Eagles of the Palestinian Revolution mentioned in the poster was a group formed of members of Al Saiqa 

An essay on Operation Schönau by Paul Thomas Chamberlin, Department of History, University of Kentucky, may be read in full here


In September 1973 a group of Palestinian guerillas attacked a train carrying Jewish refugees from the Soviet Union to Austria for relocation to Israel. The ensuing international crisis exposed the intricate web of political relations behind this flow of refugees and drew worldwide attention to the conflict between the human rights of Jewish refugees immigrating to Israel and those of Palestinian refugees who wished to return to their homeland. Ultimately, the Schönau incident would illuminate the contested nature of humanitarian concerns in the 1970s and the wider Cold War era.


Scho¨nau and the Eagles of the Palestinian Revolution: refugees, guerillas, and human rights in the global 1970s