Palestine Dances and Songs

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Jewish Women's Archive. "Front Cover Matter of "Corinne Chochem's Collection of Palestine Dances and Songs"."

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Corinne Chochem helped popularize Israeli folk dance as a choreographer and a dance teacher and with her albums of folk-dancing music. Chochem immigrated to the United States in 1920 and taught Hebrew and dance at a Montessori school in Newark. In 1930 she traveled to Israel, where she worked on a kibbutz and researched folk dance. On her return to the US, she studied dance before creating the Rikud Ami dance troupe. Chochem published two books, Palestine Dances in 1941 and Jewish Holiday Dances in 1948, and recorded albums of music for Israeli folk dancing with notations on how to execute the dances. She taught at the Jewish Theological Seminary, the University of California, and Cornell. In 1953 she settled in Los Angeles and focused on teaching dance.