Palestine Is Far Away

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Greek translation:

Palestine is far away

But this is not the reason why the crimes of Israeli militarism go unnoticed in our parts. Palestine is far away, but that is not the reason why the persecution and torture, imprisonment and assassination of Palestinian proletarians who resist the Israeli occupation are at the top of the official press. Behind the seemingly neutral position of "condemning violence wherever it comes from", behind the so-called policy of equal distances held by Western states, all that exists is the bloody admission that the systematic extermination of Palestinians is if not mandatory, at least inevitable

Our enemy is here

The Greek state has a special place in this constant crime, as for years it has emerged as a close and stable ally of Israeli militarism. The "Turkish aggression", which so unites the patriotic crowd, is the alibi for the tripartite meetings of the Greek state with the Israeli, the Egyptian junta and the "Cypriot brothers". Thus, alongside these moves, the Greek-Israeli alliance deepens with a series of military and economic agreements. The Greek state, by renting Israeli drones or training pilots and special forces with the foam of Israeli militarism, introduces the most valuable "good" of Israel, the occupation and war know-how of 70 years of armed barbarism. Next to these jobs, investors are looking for capitalist opportunities as they congregate at the newly established Greek-Israeli Chamber of Commerce

So it is not surprising that the Greek state kept an almost silent fish for the statement of the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem, a few months ago. So it is not surprising that even during the period when thousands of Palestinians demonstrate and are killed every Friday - culminating on May 15, 2018, when the official transfer of the embassy will most likely be announced, the Greek state is further strengthening its relations with the corresponding Israeli. Because this is the way the Greek state builds its transnational alliances and builds its foreign policy: on the corpses of others

Gathering - motorcades against the Greek-Israeli alliance
Friday 11 May - 19:00 - Sq. Κοραή