Palestinian Weapons

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

Arabic translation:

(small text at top)

On the fifth anniversary of the launching of the armed struggle in Iran

(text at bottom)

Palestinian weapons and the weapons of the Iranian revolutionaries are united in a common struggle on the path towards the destruction of imperialism


From the In Search of Lost Causes catalog:

29. In this poster, Cherik-ha-ye Fada’i-e Khalq express their solidarity with the Palestinian cause against imperialism—advocating armed struggle. 


Curator's note:

The posters in this exhibit are from the Courtyard and Flood Gallery Fine Arts Center Collection in Asheville, NC

This exhibit was organized and curated by Carlos Steward

The captions are from the book, In Search of Lost Causes: Fragmented Allegories of an Iranian Revolution, by Hamid Dabashi, PhD of 

Columbia University

The University of NC at Asheville, exhibited some of the posters in 2014 and hosted several lectures

The exhibition is now available as a traveling exhibit from the Flood Gallery Fine Arts Center




Thanks to Carlos Steward for faciltating this Special Collection