Polish Palestine Line - Polish Version

Analysis / Interpretation / Press / Source

Zygmunt Glinicki (1898–1940), painter, illustrator and graphic designer, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, member of the Commercial Graphic Artists' Circle [Polish: Koło Artystów Grafików Reklamowych], collaborated with the Ignis Publishing House.
The work that was supposed to advertise the Palestinian line was created in the framework of the Tourism Poster Contest organised by the Institute of Art Propaganda [Polish: Instytut Propagandy Sztuki] for Polish Transatlantic Ship Society [Polish: Polskie Transatlantyckie Towarzystwo Okrętowe]. Members of the jury included, among others, renown graphic designers such as Władysław Skoczylas (1883–1934) and Zygmunt Kamiński (1888–1969).
Simplified layout, linear shapes and short textual information are features distinctive of Glinicki's designs.