POSTER - YAF Exhibit

Analysis / Interpretation / Press

The exhibit, POSTER, officially opened Sunday, the 21st of January 2018, in Exhibition Hall at the Yasser Arafat Museum.  Numerous prominent Palestinian personalities and international media attended the opening. 

The exhibit features a rare collection of posters published by the PLO Unified Information Department and other institutions during the 1970s and 1980s, and presents a narrative of the Palestinian revolution.  The iconic posters were specifically designed to expedite the placement of posters on walls by activists, posted on fighters’ trenches, at military locations and on vehicles or framed and hung in offices, homes, and shops, both for their artistry and significance. 

Following the establishment of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the election of Yasser Arafat as chairman of its Executive Committee in 1969, Palestinian work was institutionalized in an organizational structure that included departments and centers.  During that time, the PLO Unified Information Department fulfilled the role of a ministry of information.  Among the Department’s publications, posters by Palestinian, Arab and international artists were printed in various languages, featured issues and slogans for specific occasions and exemplified the spirit of the Palestinian revolution –105 of which are displayed in the exhibit: 55 original posters and 50 on an electronic screen. 

The posters were selected from a collection gifted to Yasser Arafat Foundation by the Algerian artist, Rasheed Quraishi, to be part of the Museum’s permanent collections. 

Poster marks the third special exhibit presented in the Exhibition Hall of Yasser Arafat Museum.  Previous exhibits were Our Homeland is Our Homeland and Intifada.  In accordance with Museum policy, special exhibitions remain on display for six months and are approved by the Museum Committee as conceptually thematic with its vision and objectives to preserve and depict the Palestinian contemporary national memory and correlate with the permanent exhibits.