Project Runway

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

Hebrew translation:

(text in yellow) Project Runway

(text in white)After so many years of hatred and bloodshed
to find the path to reconciliation is a hell of a project
But we must remember that they are, after all, just like us
They too just want to live their lives in peaceAlso the children on the other side just want to play, laugh, and have fun.…

Sighting: Tel Aviv, Israel, 2009

Curator's note: The posters in this series, entitled, "Isreal-ity" were published and exhibited publicly by Peace NowThe name of the exhibit, as well as its content, is a take-off on the concept of the "reality" TV genre and is meant to convey a more honest and gritty sense of life in Israel than is often found in traditional, gallery or museum sponsored poster exhibits