Puma End Sponsorship

Analysis / Interpretation / Press

The posters were put up around campus following Puma’s decision to sponsor the Israeli national football team.

Stricker-Phelps claimed “no other Football Association in the Middle East would hold a game to end homophobia, or which celebrated having a transgender player.” 

The post faced immediate and significant criticism for pink-washing, a term which describes the process of instrumentalising queer rights to excuse or distract from problematic behaviour. 

Many commenters pointed out Israel’s treatment of queer Palestinians, which has often involved blackmailing them to coerce them into espionage. 

Beyond criticisms for obvious Zionism, SRC President Jacky He was also called out for the undemocratic nature of the post. Autonomous Collective Against Racism (ACAR) Convenor Swapnik Sanagavarapu called out He for posting “the opinions of an office-bearer as a representative of the SRC without even a shred of discussion at council.”