Radical Socialist-Zionist Conspiracy

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This poster was issued by the Radical Zionist Alliance to advertise its national convention from February 18-21, 1971. The RZA was a group of young people formed out of a conference held a year earlier in Palmer, Massachusetts, from February 13-14, 1970. The conference was entitled “Jewish Radicalism: A Search for a Renewed Zionist Ideology,” and was attended by members of groups such as the Jewish Liberation Project and established Zionist youth groups like Hashomer Hatzair (associated with the Israeli MAPAM party) and Habonim (MAPAI party). The RZA considered itself a radical American youth group, yet one also committed to Zionism. The meeting at Palmer produced a document called the “Radical Zionist Manifesto,” which upheld the twin ideals of socialist Zionism and mutual Israeli-Palestinian recognition.

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Michael R. Fischbach, Ph.D.
Professor of History
Randolph-Macon College