Realizing Herzl's Dream

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

Objective: To celebrate 150th birthday of Herzl and the close connection between Herzl and JNF

Background: The Herzl Museum presents the life, dream and work of Theodor Herzl and the manner in which he led the establishment of Israel. The museum offers the visitors a visual and emotional experience, during which there is almost no mentioning of the close historical connection between JNF and Herzl

Solution: Set up of a permanent installation at the entrance to to Herzl Museum, which creates a conceptual intro to the museum experience and completes the tour at the end. The audience meets with the JNF by an impressive display window, a unique video presentation and a blue box display

The audience has time to look at the display window while waiting to enter the museum, the historical connection between Herzl and the JNF is clear. The experience is completed when the audience leaves the museum and meets the installation again "differently", already familiar with the practice of Herzl for Israel: JNF fulfilling Herzl's vision

Source: Say - Brand Strategy and Expression web site