Riwaq Biennale - 2005

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A riwaq (or rivaq) is an arcade or portico open on at least one side. Such structures are built in Iran and other Islamic countries, mostly in the bazaars or mosques.Source: Wikipedia

"...Utilizing data provided in Riwaq’s National Register of Historic Buildings, we’ve been able to conclude that by protecting about 50 villages, we would succeed in protecting almost 50% of the historic buildings in Palestine, encompassing some 50,230 historic buildings. Consequently Riwaq is aware of the necessity to shift its priorities and resources from the conservation of single historic buildings to entire areas. This entails both the rather short-term physical preventive conservation of whole historic centers, as well as the long-term challenging processes of social and economic revitalization of these increasingly deserted historic centers. We believe Riwaq has succeeded in answering a vital question: What does it take to rehabilitate a whole town, not only physically but socially, culturally, and economically?" Source: Riwaq web site