Scavenger and Unkosher

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Hebrew translation:

(black text at top)

National Religious Front

HaMizrahi, HaPo’el Hamizrahi and non-party


(hands holding broom)


Hebrew letter Bit - ב‬ (ballot symbol)

(Shards being swept away)




Scavenger and unkosher



Translation courtesy of Leena Dallasheh, Ph.D





The National Religious Party (NRP) was created by the merger of two parties - Mizrachi and Hapoel HaMizrachi - in 1956. The two parties had run for the 1955 election on a joint list under the name of the National Religious Front. The founders of the party were Yosef Burg and Haim-Moshe Shapira (both from Hapoel HaMizrachi), who focused its activity mainly on the status of Judaism within the framework of Israeli society. Throughout the NRP's existence, it attempted to preserve the relevance of Judaism on issues such as Israeli personal status laws, education, culture, and municipal issues such as prohibitions on the selling of non-Kosher food (in prescribed areas, and occasionally, throughout a given municipality), prohibiting transportation and public activities on Shabbat.

Source: Wikipedia