See You After the Elections

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

The representative of the Mapai Party, David Ben-Gurion (figure on right) shakes hands with the General Zionists and says "See you after the elections"
Although these two parties were fighting each other before the elections, they arranged a deal to cooperate after the elections. MAPAM, a third political party, and the publisher of this poster, says: Stop the comedy! An advanced government should be established!The heart in the background purports that though differing in public the true nature of the relationship between the Mapai and the General Zionists is one of cooperation/collusionUnder the heart are the two Hebrew letters "tzadik" and "alef" - the respective letter designations for the General Zionists and Mapai parties - each brandishing a spear aimed at the other When placed side by side these letters create the ironic term: Get outThis is reference to the real state of antagonism (in contrast to the harmony indicated by the heart) that existed between the two parties and serves to expose the duplicity each party was practicing towards the other.