Speak for Children Magazine

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"Talk to the Children" newspaper, August 19, 1948. The cover shows an illustration of the developing country. In the foreground is a family: Grandparents sit next to the small children, the parents work in a farm next to the house, and a big girl is waiting to water the field. The house looks rustic and surrounded by vegetation.
In the background you can see a river and fishermen, a train, farmers working the land, herding sheep near a forest, and on the horizon a small town. Underneath the illustration is a verse from one of the prophets of the prophet Isaiah: "And I have given salvation, I have glorified Israel."
The "Speak for Children" newspaper presented the lives of the children at that time, and featured various sections (counseling, nature, studies and more). It also published poems and stories of the best poets and writers of their time, as well as the poems of Jewish poets and writers from the Diaspora in Hebrew translation.