Stay At Home

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Arabic translation:

(white text)

Stay at home

(blue text)

So we can protect the nation


From the PMW web site:

Never missing an opportunity to deny Israel’s right to exist, Abbas’ Fatah Movement exploited the current Coronavirus crisis to pound home its message to Palestinians that all of Israel is “Palestine.” The following images – showing the PA’s map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas – were all included in a video with a Coronavirus song posted by Fatah on Facebook.



Curator's note: 

According to PMW, the reproduction of the historical outline map of "Palestine" (Palestine is always printed with quotes at the PMW site) is an overt act of incitement against Jewish people. Basically, PMW says that to reproduce such a map, which is a historically valid and universally revered image in Palestinian, Muslim and Arab cultures is tanatamount to antisemitism. PMW chooses to interpret this map in the Palestinian national colors not as a normative expression of Palestinian nationalims but rather as an effort to delegitimize Israel.