Student Films From Palestine - 2020



The posters were made for an annual film festival based at the Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University. From 2017 to 2020, the festival has shown forty-three films by 44 Palestinian student filmmakers, documenting or portraying the political context and lived experience in the West Bank and Gaza.

The films were made in journalism, media, and film classes at nine Palestinian universities from 2012 to 2020, and range from experimental and poetic, to documentary essay and ethnography, to scripted narrative fiction. The films are characterized by their high technical quality, their local feel and community-centered focus, and their varied expression of Palestinian identity.

The filmmakers include Amjad Abu Baker, Noor AbuGhaniah, Mohammed Abd El Aziz Abu Hamam, Salah AbuNe'ma, Rayhan Abu Omar, Baha' Abu Shanab, Sarah AbuShusheh, Raja Ahmad, Alaa Alaloul, Mai Alami, Mohammad Alazza, Thaer Al Azzah, Lillian Al Azzeh, Ahmad Al-Bazz, Amjad M. A. Al Fayoumi, Sanabel Al-Hoot, Mohamed Nayef Ahmed Ali, Wisam Al-Jafari, Fatma Adel Qasem Alqadi, Maysa Al-Shaer, Anas Ashreef, Mahmoud Awad, Shayma' Awadeh, Alaa Dayeh, Omar Elemawi, Mohammed S. Ewais, Mohammad Houshieh, Yaser Jodallah, Abeer Kaabnah, Lara Khammash, Mohammed Khatib, Shatha Khatib, Aya Ahmed Matrabie, Renad Nasser, Ali Hamdan Okeh, Randa Owdeh, Lana Sadaqa, Yousef Salhi, Mohammed Shalodi, Naser Shatat, Khaled Tuaima, Salam Yahya, and Tala Zeitawi.


In 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, student filmmakers from Birzeit University, Al-Quds University, Al-Quds Bard University, Dar Al-Kalima University (Bethlehem), Hebron University, Palestine Polytechnic University (Hebron), An-Najah University (Nablus), Al-Azhar University (Gaza) and Al-Aqsa University (Gaza) submitted short student productions for inclusion in the festival.