The Bridge

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About the artist:Khalil Abu Arafeh was born in the old city of Jerusalem. After earning a masters degree in Architecture in Kiev, Ukraine, he pursued a dual career as an architect and political cartoonist. For the latter, he adopted the pen name "Ghassan." A prolific figure on the Palestinian popular culture scene, Arafeh is also head-writer of the local version of "Sesame Street," a TV program for children in cooperation with "The Children Television Workshop." Since 1994 he has been editorial cartoonist for the Alquds daily newspaper in East Jerusalem. His cartoons graced thirteen brochures of "Muwatin," a local NGO promoting democracy and he was the illustrator of Radi Shihadeh's book titled "Hawajis Masrahieh" (Theatrical Preocupations). In 1996, he received the Ghassan Kanafani Award for excellence as a cartoonist. Arafeh's political activism landed him in Israeli prison for a total of fourteen months between 1986-1992.Source: Witty World