The Bulldozer Massacre

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Arabic translation:
The Bulldozer Massacre will never be forgotten 
The land of al Maslakh and Karantina will be returned to its people/inhabitants
"No one brings up the Muslim Karantina slum, overrun by Christian forces shortly before the Damour attack, then burned and razed with bulldozers, with large numbers massacred -- not a page one story, or a story at all, and forgotten -- or the atrocities of Israel's Phalangist allies against Palestinians and Lebanese Muslims, which brought the PLO into the civil conflict. No one brings up the cluster-bomb attack on a U.N. school in Damour by Israeli jet fighters, leaving forty-one children dead or wounded. Again, partisans of the U.S. and its Israeli ally set the agenda; others respond, within the framework set by the critics."
Source: Necessary Illusions by Noam Chomsky