Tic Tac Toe

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

"[Israeli] Designers continued to use the Star of David in their symbolic exploration of national identity and Israeli ideology. The Star of David ... in Lemel‘s "Israel 2005" critiqued the militaristic State whose core values rest on violence and brutal domination. ... suggested that the systematic military violence was creating a society trapped within an inescapable cycle of devastation. Idan Zilberberg and Chen Arye played with the Star of David to represent the pointless games that keep Israel stuck in a stalemate. The meaning of the powerful symbol that had carried positive connotations during the early years of the State was increasingly being subverted to represent the deterioration of the Zionist dream."

Source: "Peace, Politics and PostZionism: Contemporary Left-Wing Graphic Design in Israel" by Bareket Kezwer