To the Hebrew Population

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Hebrew translation:

To the Hebrew population in the country!

During the last phase of development of our enterprise in Eretz Israel we have learned the crucial value of the redemption of lands within the general campaign to build the country, and highlighted the role of the Jewish National Fund as a major instrument for the revival of Israel on its land.

During the past 36 years, at times of expansion and downturn, the Jewish National Fund continuously redeemed new territories, an act that had an enormous impact during those times when our fate was hanging in the balance. Our situation could have been much better if we had not missed many opportunities and if the JNF had had sufficient funds to fulfill its duties. Whatever we have achieved, we will carry on, whatever we have neglected, we will complete. The entire revenue of JNF for the year 1938 is dedicated to the redemption of the Hula vicinity and the upper Galilee.

For this purpose a special project was declared around the world, and the twentieth Zionist Congress welcomed the initiative. The redemption of the Galilee including its mountain ranges and fertile valleys, the fertilization of its wastelands to turn them into fertile Jewish settlements – that’s our mission at these important present times.

This region, the splendor of our homeland that is in danger of degeneration – has a great potential for a large national settlement, to provide for many people, and be a blessing to our brothers in the suffering Diaspora that strive to immigrate and strike roots in the homeland.

The Jewish National Fund extends a hand to the upper Galilee, the cradle and homeland of Israel’s heroes, to deliver the greeting of the Hebrew worker that will saturate it with his sweat and recover its honor of old times.

Give your hand to the great redemption project: donate generously through the personal tax to the Jewish National Fund.

The Jewish National Fund - the national committee for the land of Israel

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