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Jewish Community Center Removes Pro-Palestine Artworks From Gallery, Stirring Controversy

Sam Lefebvre

Jun 5, 2019


Another piece selected for the show, by Juan Fuentes, depicts a man in a Palestinian keffiyeh below the word “Gaza” next to a man in a hat bearing the word “huelga,” Spanish for “strike,” and what appears to be a Zapatista militant. The print, part of a series by Fuentes, was vetoed before the show opened...

In an interview, Green said the community center nixed Fuentes’ print supporting Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which Israel has blockaded since Hamas took power in 2007, because it doesn’t connect to the show’s U.S.-Mexico border theme. “And I’ll be honest with you, Israel is a sensitive issue,” he said. “We felt it would distract the core constituency of JCC from the rest of the show.”