Until the Last Crumb!

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

"While Etgar depicted the actual flag without the Star of David, other designers played with the Star of David as a symbol of the uncertainty about the Zionist State. In "Israel 1994" and "Until the Last Crumb", students at the West Galilee College represented the Star of David as a symbol of the damaged State and the loss of cooperation amongst Jews. If the blue Star of David stood for the unified Jewish nation, the heavily bandaged star in "Israel 1994" communicated the lack of cooperation amongst Israelis while the crumbling cookie in "Until the Last Crumb" captured the fear that the compromises made in the name of peace would lead to the demise of the Jewish State."

Source: "Peace, Politics and PostZionism: Contemporary Left-Wing Graphic Design in Israel" by Bareket Kezwer