Voice of the Daughter of Zion

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Zvi Moshe Garti mmigrated to Israel in 1920, settled in Haifa, and dedicated himself to disseminating his worldview by corresponding with senior British government officials, printing posters and booklets, and involving himself in all manner of related activities

This poster marks the 20th anniversary of the "agreement signed between [US President Woodrow] Wilson and [Lord Arthur James] Balfour, Proclaimers of Freedom for the People of Israel." Printed in gold on heavy paper; affixed at center, a print bearing a novel version of the emblem "Liberated Judea" (originally an emblem appearing on medallions and other objects, representing a negation of the "Iudea Capta, " slogan appearing on Roman coins to mark the fall of Judea to the Roman army in 70 CE), this one showing US President Woodrow Wilson as the figure liberating the "Daughter of Zion" from her chains