We Are the Sleepers

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Arabic translation:

(small black text)

We are the sleepers if the nights were peaceful

But if they (the nights) attack we will no longer be asleep

Excerpt from the poem He Rejected Fancy and Woke Up From Dreams

By: Ahmad Showki (considered the "Prince of Poets" in the Arab world)


Curator's note:

This graphic is the front cover of Photographer magazine published in Egypt in May, 1948

It might have originally been a poster which was cropped for use as a cover

The seven flags, from left to right, represent: (Republic of) Syria, (Republic of) Lebanon, (Kingdom of) Egypt, (Kingdom of) Jordan, (Kingdom of) Saudia Arabia, (Kingdom of) Iraq and the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen i.e., North Yemen

Iraq and Yemen did not commit their armies to the war but sent contingents which fought under the direction of Egypt

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The staffs of the seven flag poles are all planted in Palestine which is delineated in red on the map