We Will Yet Redeem You, O Jerusalem!

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

Hebrew translation:

Hebrew translation:

(white text at top)

Four years since the fall of the City of David

(red text at bottom)

We shall yet redeem thee, Jerusalem!

Additional Comments: 

Poster issued by the Herut movement marking the fourth anniversary of the fall of the Old City of Jerusalem in the War of Independence. Printer not indicated, [1952]. The poster shows the Tower of David enclosed by the Old City wall, which is encircled by a chain with broken links. Above the wall appears the legend: "4 years since the fall of David's City, 20 Iyar 1948. We will yet redeem you, O Jerusalem!". Approx. 49X34 cm. Good condition. Horizontal fold mark and stains. Tears, some of them open, at the edges, restored. Provenance: Rimon Family Collection. https://www.kedem-auctions.com/poster-issued-by-the-herut-movement-the-fourth-anniversary-of-the-fall-of-davids-city-1952-online-18524/