...Which Belongs To the Righteous

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

Curator's note: This poster is a MAPAI party parody/remix of an original poster published by the General Zionist party of Israel
The original poster's caption read: Let us live in this land [Israel]
This remix revises the original caption with the additon of an ellipse followed by the phrase "...which belongs to the righteous"
The full text of the remix reads: "Let us live in this land ... which belongs to the righteous"
The text following the ellipse features the General Zionist party's election symbol, צ (Hebrew letter tsade), in blue to emphasize exactly which party the poster is referring to
The point MAPAI was making was that the General Zionist party represented the rich, capitalistic, elite elements of Israeli society which was out of touch with the working class and therefore ordinary Israelis should not vote for them in the upcoming elections.