Women's Talk

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Perhaps, do you know what all these political parties want from me

Dear, during the election period, we “women” are as important as men. We have the right to vote and if we wanted we could determine the face of the government. Have you already decided who you’ll vote for?

To tell you the truth, politics doesn’t interest me at all

So what interests you?

Lots of things! Work conditions, housing, education, health, and security, of course

My friend, clearly you’re not at all indifferent. What do you think the representatives deal with? Look, everything you mentioned is the basis of politics!

It’s worth knowing what the Eretz Israel Labor Party says about these subjects in order to be certain that in fact you are giving your vote to those who will serve the interests important to you and to the country as a whole

Join now a “Youth Circle” in your town!

You’ll hear there male friends and female friends of similar opinions

[Woman on left is holding a piece of paper that says: “Youth Circle . . . Mapai (Eretz Israel Labor Party)] 

[Swirling around the woman on the left are letters of the alphabet representing the notes one puts into the ballot box to vote for a political party]

[At bottom is an “aleph”—the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, representing Mapai in the ballot box]


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