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Here a prominent tower rises above the walled and domed Jerusalem, echoing a typical minaret. It probably represents the Tower of David, an Ottoman minaret appropriated by Zionism as a symbol of Jerusalem. The style evokes a torn-paper collage, and abstraction is again used for the erasure of religious details such as the crescent. The tower is represented alongside recognizable, newly-built Jewish religious edifices: the Hechal Shlomo and Hebrew University synagogues. The Tower of David, a Muslim minaret, demonstrates the ambiguity of using architecture to represent minorities: while it forms part of the city’s iconic architecture, when coupled with Jewish edifices and the Menorah it promotes the Israeli-Jewish image of Jerusalem, which was appropriate for a WZO poster dedicated to convening Jewish youth from twenty countries. Thus, Jerusalem’s architecture unifies international Jewry, and local ethnic diversity remains obscure.


Visualizing Democracy, Difference, and Judaism in Israeli Posters, 1948–1978

By: Inbal Ben-Asher Gitler (2003)

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