World Solidarity Day With the Palestinian People

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Arabic translation:

World solidarity day with the Palestinian people

As decided by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

To enable the Palestinian people to practice their right to self-determination [the United Nations] has decided to make the 29th of November the International day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, supporting their struggle and confirming the international recognition of their legal representative, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and confirming the international desire to continue the work of solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people until they can build their national independent state. Until the implementation of the international legal framework as stated in General Assembly resolution 3236 related to the political rights of the Palestinian people, nations the world over should respect and confirm this right. The Palestinian people consider this day of solidarity with their cause a glorification for their struggle and an international agreement on the necessity of the continuation of this struggle against Zionism and Imperialism, affirming the political plan drawn by the PLO to return the Palestinian truth to the world's memory after it was made absent by racist Zionism and the lasting official treacherous Arab politics.

The political plan of the PLO and the Palestinian people's approval of this plan opens wide opportunities for justice in the Palestinian cause, and we must mention here that the rise of the independent Palestinian people in armed resistance was the foundation upon which the national plan and international recognition were built, after the fall of Zionist thought which denies the existence and future of the Palestinian people and after the fall of guardianship and containment.