Your Vote Is A Trust

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

Arabic translation (text on right):

List of Change and Reform

(text on left)

Yes to reform...yes to change

Yes to the reconstruction of the damage caused by the occupation

Yes to the liberation of prisoners

Yes to the intensification of the program of resistance

One hand hand builds

(text at bottom)

Your vote is a trust

Don't give witness/testify/vote except for justice

The main component of this list was the Islamist Hamas movement, Fatah's main rival on the Palestinian political scene. Unlike Fatah, Hamas has refused to recognize the right of Israel to exist. Hamas refused to participate in the 1996 elections because it viewed the Palestinian Authority as illegitimate due to its negotiations with Israel; while it has not changed that stance, it fielded candidates in 2006. Going into the election it had considerable momentum due to unexpected electoral success in the municipal elections in 2005.

The prospect of a Palestinian Authority dominated by Hamas alarmed Western governments, which almost universally consider it to be a terrorist group, and which provide foreign aid that makes up almost half of the PNA's budget. It was fear of a Hamas victory that was largely credited with driving the reconciliation between the main Fatah list and the Al-Mustaqbal breakaway faction.

Source: Wikipedia