Zionist Poster Project - Am Yisrael Foundation - 2

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The Zionist Poster Project (in development) has a mission to develop the visual language of 21st century Observant Zionism. Highly designed visual iconography and positive propaganda were used throughout the 20th century to inspire Jews around the world to rally for the Zionist cause. Reaching out with passionate messages via beautifully crafted posters to the Jewish Diaspora was a powerful tool which at one time impacted millions. Whether the call to action was rebuilding our Homeland in Eretz Yisrael through Aliyah, agriculture, tzedakah, fighting in the Jewish army, or even tourism, these posters helped to turn feelings into action.

Today the Jewish People in Israel and around the world have no visual iconography representing the highest values and ideals embodied in the Zionist dream. The idea is simple. We will be hosting a worldwide Zionist poster design competition, with a goal to find the best graphic representations that can speak to the generation of today.

Source: http://amyisraelfoundation.org/zionist-poster-project/