Al 'Asifah Calendar 1971 - July

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Arabic/English caption:

The flames of the battle of Amman has consumed Rogers plan and all other schemes of liquidation

Our revolution will keep advancing until it achieves victory


The Rogers Plan (also known as Deep Strike) was a framework proposed by United States Secretary of State William P. Rogers to achieve an end to belligerence in the Arab–Israeli conflict following the Six-Day War and the continuing War of Attrition. The plan was publicly proposed in a December 9, 1969 speech at an Adult Education conference.

The December 1969 speech followed the failure of the Jarring Mission to negotiate an implementation plan for UN Security Council Resolution 242 among the principals in the Six-Day War.

Some of the points included in Rogers' ten-point paper called for the following:

  • Negotiations under Gunnar Jarring's auspices following procedures used in the 1949 meetings on Rhodes;
  • Israeli withdrawal from Egyptian territory occupied in the war;
  • A binding commitment by Israel and Egypt to maintain peace with each other
  • Negotiations between Israel and Egypt for agreement on areas to be demilitarized, measures to guarantee free passage through the Gulf of Aqaba, and security arrangements for Gaza;

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