Al Shifa Heroes

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On 3 November 2023, amid the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip and siege of Gaza City, an Israeli airstrike hit an ambulance convoy departing from al-Shifa Hospital carrying critically injured patients. The strike killed 15 people and wounded dozens (60 people). The Palestine Red Crescent Society, which was part of the convoy, said that all 15 casualties were civilians.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) acknowledged that it carried out the airstrike, and said that Hamas militants were killed in the attack and that one of the ambulances was being used to transport Hamas personnel and weaponry. The Gaza Health Ministry, which is part of the Hamas government, denied any military use of the ambulances. Human Rights Watch said it "did not find evidence that the ambulance was being used for military purposes". The Washington Post analyzed the videos and found no evidence of weapons or individuals in military clothing. The airstrike was condemned by the World Health Organization, while Human Rights Watch labelled the incident "apparently unlawful" and called for the attack to be investigated as a potential war crime.