Arab Citizen Is Trapped

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

Arabic translation: Note: This is a Mapam-published election poster purporting to show how two rival Israeli political parties - Mapai and MAKI - manipulate Arab voters (text in upper rectangle) Four figures are circling around a confused Arab voter pointing their fingers and accusing one another  One figure, Moshe Sneh (red shirt and sunglasses) of the Israeli Communist Party/MAKI is presented twice the only difference is that in one image he is holding the party's Arabic election letter (ق) and in the other its Hebrew designation (ק) The figure with the briefcase is David Ben Gurion of Mapai. He is pointing at the figure of Sneh saying: The Israeli Communist Party gives us material to pillory the Arabs and present them as anti-state...thank you The second figure of Sneh is pointing at the military figure saying: The military government gives us material to pillory the state and present it as anti-Arab...thank you The military figure (in khakis) is pointing and saying: The Israeli Communist Party... The upper figure of Sneh is pointing at Ben Gurion saying: The military regime... In the lower rectangle two happy figures, one Arab (featuring Mapam's official Arabic election letter, meem - م ) and one Israeli (featuring Mapam's official Hebrew election letter, mem - מ) press outwards on the pliers' handles thereby increasing pressure on the Arab voter trapped in the jaws. The jaws are marked with the Arabic and Hebrew election letters for both Mapai and the Israeli Communist Party.  The point is that only by abandoning Mapai and the Israeli Communist Party and joining Mapam can Arab citizens have any hope of progress and relief (black text under pliers) The Arab citizen is trapped between the two jaws of the pliers The Arab-Jewish joint struggle will save you! (last three words in above sentence are printed red in poster) (large black and white text at bottom) The United Workers Party (Mapam)