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In 1967 Douglas became the "Revolutionary Artist" and Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party. He redesigned The Black Panther newspaper and switched to web press, which allowed for colored printing and the use of graphics. He used the back cover and most of the front cover for his graphics and collages that aligned with the BPP message. Here he developed the iconic images that branded the BPP, including the depiction of policemen as pigs. His graphics featured pigs bloodied or hanged as protest against police brutality against African Americans. He also incorporated imagery in line with the Party's 10-Point program, including things such as social services and decent housing. In addition to this, Douglas aligned the Black Panther Party with "Third World liberation struggles" and anti-capitalist movements in works such as the edition of January 3, 1970, which shows a pig dressed in an American flag being impaled while having many guns pointing at it, saying things like "Get out of the ghetto" and "Get out of Africa"