Belmont Road NW - 3

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

Full Disclosure:

This photograph depicts a wall at the corner of Belmont Road and Columbia Road NW, Washington, DC on December 8, 1988 which had been postered by Dan Walsh, the curator of this site.

A writer for People Magazine, David Van Biema, who was preparing an article about Liberation Graphics, asked to come along on a nightime postering action. The photographs in this series were taken by a local photographer, Nancy Shia, who had been alerted to the action.

The article, though written and re-written several times and fact-checked repeatedly over the course of several months was ultimately rejected for publication by People Magazine.

According to Van Biema, "in the end, though factual and complete, it was simply too controversial for People to publish".

The New Art Examiner, hearing of People Magazine's refusal to publish contacted Liberation Graphics and wrote this article