Campaign For Hebrew Legacy

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Hebrew translation:
(text at top)Ministry of Education, campaign for Hebrew legacy (word also translates as bequeathing, endowment of Hebrew)(Note: all text/images read right to left)(red text)
Hebrew on the roads

Engine / Car / Train / Tracks / Bridge
Cafeteria / Waiting room / Street light / Barrier/checkpoint(text in first white box)
When does the next train leave to Haifa?
In which cashier do they sell tickets to Jerusalem?
For a six year old child one needs to buy half a ticket
The passengers to Tel-Aviv will transfer in Lydda to a different trainWhere does the direct-trip car stand?
Has the luggage I gave been sent on this train?
Platform /Department for passengers items / Train station / Porter / Suitcase
Cargo / Passport / Customs officer / Customs inspection(text in second white box)
Is this taxi available?
Where would you like to travel?
Parking is forbidden here
This road is one-way only
I need to get off here, please stop (park the car)
Drive carefully and you will arrive quickly
Ship / Boat / Port / Customs house
Stairs / Raiing / Street / Sidewalk/pavement(text in third white box)
Gentleman, please prepare your passports for inspection
Please open your bags for customs inspection
Do you have an export permit for these items?
Because of fog, the airplane will take off (depart) only in the morning
On the sailing ship, a cargo of citrus (oranges, grapefruits and lemons) was exported
Passengers are required to go down to the boat

Runway / Airport / Airplane / Stewardess
Truck / Taxi / Bus / Driver(text in fourth white box)

Does bus number 12 reach the train station?
I’m last in line, please stand behind me
Please advance towards inside
The first bench is for the disabled (invalids)
Next stop, get off for the zoo
Exit is in the middle door
Parking lot / Bus station [signs have Haifa, Jerusalem, cashier] / Motorcycle / Bicycle

(text at bottom)
Printed by the government press at the cooperative printing press “Ahvah,” Jerusalem
In consultation with the Academy of the Hebrew Language ______________________________Translation courtesy of Leena Dallasheh