Dream of the Liberation

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Arabic translation:

After the liberation* of the year 2000, and when we came to understand the enemy and our own capabilities better, the dream of the liberation of Palestine became possible Hajj Radwan * The liberation referred to here is the 2000 withdrawal/retreat of all Israeli military forces from Lebanon _______________________________________________ It was common knowledge in Israel that the security zone was not permanent, but its governments hoped that a withdrawal could be carried out in the context of a wider agreement with Syria and - by extension - Lebanon. However, talks with Syria failed. By the year 2000, following an election campaign promise, newly elected Prime Minister Ehud Barak unilaterally withdrew Israeli forces from Southern Lebanon within the year, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 425, passed in 1978; the withdrawal consequently resulted in the immediate total collapse of the South Lebanon Army, with many of its members escaping to Israel.The Lebanese government and Hezbollah still consider the withdrawal incomplete until Israel withdraws from Shebaa Farms. Following the withdrawal, Hezbollah has monopolized its military and civil control of the southern part of Lebanon. In 2020, Israel retrospectively recognized the conflict as a war. Source: Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Lebanon_conflict_(1985%E2%80%932000)#:~:text=By%20the%20year%202000%2C%20following,immediate%20total%20collapse%20of%20the