The Foundation Fund Spoke of Four Sons

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Hebrew translation:

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The Foundation Fund spoke of four sons

Under the top right figure: The wise son says: “What is the current duty?”

You tell him: Like the tax duties of each nation, every Jew must pay the national tax - Keren Hayesod – especially on this time of emergency

Under the top left figure: The wicked son says: “Why are you doing all this work?”

Because he rejects the principle of redemption, you tell him: If there were many like you in Israel we would not have been redeemed

Under the bottom right figure: The son pretending to be simple says: “What is this?”

You tell him: Our enemies forcefully attempt to kill us – and we will win using our mighty hand for building and creation

Under the bottom left figure: As for the son who does not even know to ask what Keren Hayesod has achieved, open for him the book of the history of settlement in Israel and tell him:

That is why you are alive and well in the land of Israel, because Keren Hayesod has prepared and continues preparing the land for you and future generations.